What does Apocalypses really mean?

One thing I have witnessed since first joining social media in 2005  is how fast technology advances.  And while those advances are in place other things around the world change as well.  For example I just recently learned what the true meaning of Apocalypses is. Before I enlighten you let me tell you what I thought it meant …the world exploding and ending for good.   


Apocalypses simply means the unrevealing, basically it means the truth will be exposed.  Although the higher that be intend to use technology for their own personal gains, the internet is growing so rapidly they can no longer hide, buying time takes much longer when everyone has their cell phones out streaming live to everyone all over the world.  I feel like we should SEEK these answers and questions because they are not going to be given to you.  

When you go to a business and shop for what you need, the managers do not come out and explain every step taken to get these goods to you.  If they came to you while shopping and say you know a kid died because of that shirt you like, its cute though, would you think twice about buying the shirt? If so, that’s what they want to avoid on a major level because they have studied mankind for generations.

I believe 5G and Covid 19 are one in the same.  Vaccines are known to use animal DNA to create and they inject it into our bodies.  5G lets off a lot of radiation with no monitoring from the FDC, therefore they can crank 5G up as much as they want my building towers closer together.  I think our bodies are reacting to this radiation causing us to become contagious.  The vaccine that they are pushing will change our DNA or so I feel it will.  

They study our behaviors, emotions and most importantly spending habits.  I say all this to say, don’t shun knowledge, always seek it.  People ask, why does this information matter? Well its no different than the radio warning you of a road block ahead, giving you time to seek another route, which may be longer than normal but still faster than your normal route, this works spiritually as well.  When you learn something you are aware and prepared… you may also move differently.



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