Book Kenise Taylor

Hosting, Music Videos & More

Kenise is a professional model with years in the industry. She has a reputation that precedes her and people who work with her love her energy.

Model Consultations

Print, Runway, Boudoir

Kenise works with a select few models giving them the ins and outs of the modeling industry as she knows it. Learn how to spot scams and to do for yourself what these agencies do for their models. "It's 2021 and models have access to multiple sources of revenue, but that means they have to work even harder. When models invest in their own careers they have total control of their image and of course their profits." Kenise

Certifierd 6s Group

Business Plan Development

Certified 6s Group helps entrepreneurs or small business owners develop an organized plan to manage their businesses efficiently. Check out their individual services such as Employee Incentive Program Development & their Lean Six Sigma Training, ideal for large corporations.

Become A Book Author

Writing & Publishing

Do you love to write? Have you always wanted to publish a book but just don't know where to start? We can help you from beginning to end fulfill that dream of becoming an Author...

MilliUp Fitness

Fitness Training

MilliUp Fitness is a unique team of trainers and nutritionist that help will help you get your goal body. They also have dope custom fitness gear perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts.

Moguls & Mimosas

Event Hosting Services

Are you interested in having an event? We can help you host the perfect event for your occasion. Different packages include promotion, flyers as well as Award Winning MilliUp Champagne for all of your guest. Stay tuned for more events....